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Simpson Oils is one of the north of Scotland’s leading heating oil suppliers, building a strong reputation with our customers for the service we provide and including efficient delivery to their homes. We have almost 20 years’ experience in supplying central heating fuel, with highly competitive prices always on offer.

Dealing with us is simple and easy, and once you’ve ordered your heating fuel online or by phone, we take care of the rest.

The areas we deliver domestic fuel oil to

We operate out of two bases: Invergordon in Ross-shire and Wick in Caithness. From our Invergordon depot we deliver fuel oil to homes in Inverness and the surrounding area, the Black Isle, south as far as Aviemore, east as far as Nairn, west to Beauly, Muir of Ord, Dingwall and Strathpeffer, and north to towns and villages including Tain, Dornoch, Rogart, Lairg, Bonar Bridge Ardgay and Golspie. And of course to Invergordon and nearby Alness, plus everywhere between all the places listed.

From our Wick depot, we deliver domestic fuel oil right across Caithness and north Sutherland, then south into east Sutherland to meet up with the area covered from Invergordon.

So a very wide total area, and if you live on the fringe of it or aren’t sure if we deliver to where you are, then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise.

What we offer our customers when they buy central heating oil from Simpson

Prompt reliable deliveries across much of northern Scotland

We fully understand that none of our customers can be in a position where they can’t run their central heating system because they’re waiting for a fuel oil delivery. So from taking an order either online or by phone, we ensure the delivery is made as quickly as possible and wherever your home is in the region we cover.

Monthly Budget Plans to spread the cost of your heating oil over 12 months

Even though our prices are highly competitive, we’re equally aware that having your tank filled with heating fuel oil can be an unwelcome expense. We, therefore, offer a monthly budget plan which helps you spread the cost throughout the year, so please call us to discuss this if it’s of interest to you.

Friendly local sales team and not a remote call centre

As you’d expect from a family-owned and run business, the people you deal with over the phone or by email are in one of our bases in Wick or Invergordon – rather than a remote and impersonal call centre somewhere else in the UK or even abroad. We think this matters, as it’s all part of our drive to offer the very best customer service possible. Plus of course, our team will have an understanding of the area our customers live in.

Online ordering 24/7-365 days a year enabling you to order heating oil at your convenience

Many of our customers lead busy lifestyles, with their focus often on working long hours or bringing up families – and often both! So to ensure that the task of ordering their home heating oil can be done easily and quickly and at a time when it suits them, we’ve put in place an easy-to-use online ordering system which is available 24/7 – 365 days a year. So if you haven’t tried it then please give it a go.

Small tanker/long hose deliveries for heating oil on request

Operating in the Highlands as we do, we’re geared-up for those more tricky heating oil deliveries. So perhaps the issue is a tight winding track down to your property, or your tank is set well back from where the tanker will need to park. Whichever it is, then just let us know and we’ll ensure we send out the right vehicle. And of course, if you’re a regular customer then we won’t need reminding and will anyway make sure the right vehicle comes to you.

Why buying heating oil direct from us is normally cheaper

Like many products and services such as insurance, travel and hotel rooms, there are price comparison websites you can order heating oil from. However and just like the examples above, it’s often actually better and cheaper for consumers to buy direct – and that’s typically the case when you buy heating oil from Simpson. This is simply because the price comparison sites act as a middleman, and therefore have to put their own mark-up on our prices. So we recommend that you always come to us direct, and even after you’ve obtained a cost from a price comparison site. We can’t guarantee we’ll be cheaper because there are a number of factors which influence central heating oil price including seasonal demand, but typically we will be.

Central heating oil explained

Quite understandably, our customers often ask us about the various names given to their central heating fuel and wonder if there’s more than one type of product.  Well, the first thing to say is that despite numerous names being used, it’s all the same thing: Kerosene. So when you see terms like 28-second oil, burning oil, heating oil, heating fuel, standard Kero and C2 Kero, you can rest assured that it’s all the same product. However, additives are available to add to the Kerosene and other types of fuel such as diesel  . . .

Fuel additives for a cleaner, efficient heating system

Simpson Oils can provide heating oil additives which improve the efficiency of your entire central heating system. The benefits of these additives are as follows:

  • A cleaner boiler
  • Reduced sludge and carbon build up
  • Potentially lower running costs

In addition to the obvious benefits above, additives generally decrease the amount of wear-and-tear to your boiler.

We offer the following additives:

  • Stratus H.O.T – for use with heating oil
  • Stratus Multiplant HD – for diesel/gas oil fuel treatment
  • Stratus Eliminate – to eradicate microbial growth (diesel ‘bug’)

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